Poster Dizel Show / Дизель Шоу in Kyiv

Билеты Дизель Шоу «Надихає весною»
21 february 19:00 friday
Дизель Шоу «Надихає весною»
Event ended
Билеты Grand concerts «Diesel Show. We just wound up!»
02 september 19:00 wednesday
Grand concerts «Diesel Show. We just wound up!»
Event ended
Билеты Diesel Show. New Year's concert
26 february 19:00 friday
Diesel Show. New Year's concert
Event ended
17 june 19:30 thursday
Event ended
Билеты DIZEL Show
08 october 19:30 friday
Event ended

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Dizel Show / Дизель Шоу


Diesel Show Concert: How Will It Be?

Life is ruled by someone who can laugh at problems, gain experience from them and move on. And to make fun of life situations from the heart is a task for professionals. Such specialists are the Diesel show team.

We know them from TV screens when in 2015 a pilot episode was released on ICTV and immediately attracted the attention of Ukrainians. Since then, the beloved heroes have not lost their popularity, and their jokes have long turned into folk jokes and humorous stories. But it is better to see at least once than hear a hundred times. Is not it? Come to the performance of the Diesel show to see everything yourself and be saturated with a powerful charge of positive and humour.

The Diesel Show concert in Kyiv is always held with sold-out houses and long-standing ovations. This time, the kind and very cheerful atmosphere will remain unchanged. The meeting place is the status of the Palace “Ukraine”.

In the new humorous program of the Diesel Show, you will find life-affirming jokes that help not only to increase the level of endorphins but also to look positively at different situations that occur in the everyday realities of every Ukrainian. Perhaps, in humorous sketches, someone recognizes themselves or someone from their acquaintances. And we, you see, we all love to play a trick on ourselves or loved ones. Or maybe humorous scenes will even help you find a way out of your life problems? After all, where do jokes come from? Of course from life!

The Diesel Show Kyiv concert is a truly humorous event. After visiting him, the corners of your lips will hurt for a long time from wide, sincere smiles and laughter. Favourite artists will show sketches on the topic of relationships, family situations, generational conflict, social events in Ukraine and the world. In general, everything that concerns each of us, which means it is close to understanding.

Come with friends, family loved ones - everyone will love this show. A ticket to the Diesel show will be a truly unforgettable gift.

Diesel show: why is it worth going to a concert in Kyiv?

First of all, the Diesel show is good quality humour without sharp politics. And although in their arsenal there are several sketches on this topic, the team shows that our life is multifaceted and in every part of it you can find something funny. For example, where to find a part-time job for artists during quarantine, or what an online doctor's consultation might look like; what should be a domestic electric car and so on.

The Diesel Show Kyiv poster is replete with famous people. But it's one thing to watch media personalities on a TV screen. And completely different impressions will befall you if you enjoy their performance on-stage life. We know many artists from the Diesel show since their KVN times. Zhenya Smorigin, Dmitry Tankovich, Evgeny Nikishin, Sergey Pisarenko and others - we have loved them since childhood, adolescence, youth. And we still love.

Attending a Diesel Show is a great way to cheer up. And we, you see, sometimes so need positive emotions. Such events, like watercolour strokes, add bright colours to the greyness of our everyday life and motivate us to go through life with a smile and inspiration.

The Diesel show concert will harmoniously fit into any holiday and will be a great idea for a birthday, family entertainment, a bachelorette party, meeting friends, meeting a loved one and just an excuse to have a good time.

And it is as easy as shelling pears to buy tickets for the Diesel show in Kyiv, because you can do it online. In just a couple of minutes and confirmation of payment, a worthy gift to a loved one or a way to laugh heartily in a pleasant company will appear in your mail in the form of a PDF file.

Diesel show: program

The Diesel show team is always with awe and inspiration about their work. Therefore, every time he prepares something new for his viewers. This time, Ukrainians will see a completely new program with topical jokes on topical topics.

Themes for humorous sketches are full of modernity and sometimes even offer a glimpse into an alternative future. As always, problems that are close to many will be voiced on the stage: online lessons with children, stories from married life, man-woman relationships, and so on. It will be interesting and exciting.

In addition to the participants of the Diesel Show, you will also see Ukrainian artists, athletes and other famous personalities on the stage. Yes, the "diesels" have worked hard on their show as they should. How else? Well, they love their viewers. And these feelings are mutual. Therefore, tickets for the Diesel show are sold out almost immediately after the announcement of the performance.

If you (or maybe your close people) are fans of the Diesel show, we recommend that you take care of tickets for the performance in advance. Moreover, you can buy them online at any time. We warn you: do not buy tickets on unreliable resources, so that later you do not become a victim of scammers. Still, the Diesel Show is a story about a good mood and pleasant emotions.