Билеты KOZAK SYSTEM. ALL STARS. 10 years together.

KOZAK SYSTEM. ALL STARS. 10 years together. || 25 february 2023 || Palace of Sports

25 february 19:00
Kyiv · Palace of Sports
250 - 850 uah
Genre : Rock

Very hot, charismatic, sincere and unlike anyone else: KOZAK SYSTEM is a band that has become a truly original and unique phenomenon on the Ukrainian music scene. For the tenth year in a row, five musicians have been creating songs that are impossible to resist. KOZAK SYSTEM sound organically both at thousands of festivals and during chamber lyrical performances, and the map of our country is shrouded in their concert routes lengthwise and crosswise: what city and town did not jump under "Such Tempting" and did not light phone lights under "Not Mine" ”? The variety of the band's repertoire is really impressive! They are not limited to stylistic or genre frameworks. The work of the "Cossacks" has everything: from powerful punk rock - to poignant lyrical ballads on the poems of modern poets, from the melodic ethnic group - to a multi-genre mixture of Cossack reggae songs, from acute social tracks - to patriotic military anthems.

On February 25, 2023, the band will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a grand holiday concert, which will take place in Kyiv's "Palace of Sports". In addition to KOZAK SYSTEM, top Ukrainian stars will appear on the stage, whose names will be revealed later.


Frequently asked questions
📆 When does the Kozak System perform in Ukraine?

Kozak System performs 25 february , 19:00 in Kyiv. Tickets can be purchased here

🔥 How much does a ticket cost for a performance Kozak System in Ukraine?

A concert ticket for an Kozak System can be purchased at TicketsBox in the price range 250 - 850 uah

📍 Where will the Kozak System Concert take place?

The concert venue is Palace of Sports

KOZAK SYSTEM. ALL STARS. 10 years together. || 25 february 2023 || Palace of Sports
25 february 19:00
250 - 850 uah