Билеты Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen || 06 january 2023 || October Palace

06 january 19:00
Kyiv · October Palace
390 - 2750 uah
Genre : Rock

Tarja Turunen with an exclusive Christmas concert in Kiev! Just one day!

The queen of metal is the Finnish prima donna and one of the most famous rock divas in the world - Tarja Turunen on January 6, 2023 invites you to her special, Christmas concert, which will be held at the October Palace. The ex-soloist of the Nightwish group promises that on this visit she will give her viewers not just a festive concert, but an authentic atmosphere of European Christmas.

This will be the warmest Christmas of your life. And no matter how changeable the time may seem to us, Turunen's music is a medicine, an elixir of warmth and goodness, which we all need so much.

For more than a decade in December, Turunen fans have been coming from all over the world to attend her festive concerts in various countries. This year, Kiev will also be added to the artist's schedule.

“When I was little, our whole family got together and sang Christmas songs. This is probably why the Christmas tour has become something of a tradition for me, ”says the singer.

To the accompaniment of a piano, cello and guitar, Tarja, with her unique soprano in three octaves, will perform traditional Finnish and world famous Christmas songs, as well as delight with hits from past and new albums.

Each visit of Tarja Turunen to Kiev is always a full house and an event! And there is no doubt that the singer will pleasantly surprise us this time too.

Tarja does not like it when praises are sung at her address, but she really has something to be proud of. Judge for yourself! It combines everything: original beauty, charisma and powerful, rich vocals that only a few people possess. At 42, she is one of the five best academic vocalists in the world! British magazine "The Sun" named her one of 50 women who became immortal in life thanks to her contribution to music.

Together with the Scorpions, Tarja recorded the song "The good die young", which graced the last album of the legendary band - "Sting in the tale". In her creative baggage there are 7 solo records (she released her latest album “In The Raw” at the end of last year).
Turunen became the first foreign singer who managed to sell over 20,000 copies of the album in the CIS countries. Her album "My Winter Storm" climbed to the 11th line of the Billboard's Top 100 European Albums rating, and Tarja herself was nominated for the Echo Awards and the Emma Awards. Just imagine, over 900,000 copies of Tarja's solo discs and more than 3 million copies of albums recorded as part of "Nightwish" have been sold worldwide.

Tarja Turunen is not an artificially created production project. She is a living legend with a worldwide reputation. And to get to her concert is a great success.

Let's celebrate Christmas together!


Frequently asked questions
📆 When does the Tarja perform in Ukraine?

Tarja performs 06 january , 19:00 in Kyiv. Tickets can be purchased here

🔥 How much does a ticket cost for a performance Tarja in Ukraine?

A concert ticket for an Tarja can be purchased at TicketsBox in the price range 390 - 2750 uah

📍 Where will the Tarja Concert take place?

The concert venue is October Palace

Tarja Turunen || 06 january 2023 || October Palace
06 january 19:00
390 - 2750 uah