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Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters concert in Kyiv: how will it be?

Foo Fighters is not about aliens. Foo Fighters is not about Nirvana. Foo Fighters is a post-grunge band from the USA that has remained popular for 25 years and acts as headliners at the world's top festivals.
And yes, this is not a dream: they will give a Foo Fighters concert in Kyiv. Everything will be here: an incredible light show, and fatal crazy energy with slams and jumps, and the band’s favourite songs, and their new songs.
The style of performance and the beginning of the group was laid by the legendary Nirvana. After all, the creator of Foo Fighters, David Grohl, is the drummer of the very legendary band Kurt Cobain`s. After the epic-tragic end of the group, David creates his own. At the first stages of creativity, the team uses the “Nirvana” style, combining quiet couplets of songs with loud refrains.
But few people know that David Grohl released his first compositions as part of Nirvana. In 1992, the drummer's album, entitled “Pocketwatch!”, Was released. And then he took a pseudonym for himself - Late.
Since then, a lot of water has flowed, but the love for the work of Foo Fighters remains. In 2019, the group became one of the headliners of the Sziget festival in Budapest. The guys also appeared at the Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival rock festival in Columbus, Ohio, performing on the same stage with System of a Down, Disturbed, Bring Me To Horizon, The Prodigy and GHOST.
Another interesting fact from the history of the team is that in the city of Warren of the same state of Ohio there is a street named after the leader of Foo Fighters and it is called Dave Grohl Alley.
Music lovers “heavier” than pop will be glad to see Kyiv on the Foo Fighters poster.

Foo Fighters: albums

For 25 years of continuous creativity and touring, Foo Fighters have put together their collection of songs, which fit in 10 studio albums. Each of them is a certain turn in the development of the group. We picked up interesting facts that appeared in the process of creating some of them.
The 1995 debut album “Foo Fighters” was David Grohl’s solo work, as he played on his own when recording almost all parts of the instruments.
In the process of creating “The Color and the Shape, ” the group leader did not like the colour or the form of the drummer William Goldsmith playing and he rewrote everything except two tracks. After that, Taylor Hawkins became the drummer of Foo Fighters.
In 2011, while working on the Wasting Light album, the team thought, why not organize a tour of the US garages? And did it! They organized a contest, selected the winners and went to them with a concert, where there should have been no more than 50 invited friends. Remembering his youthful years when the band members played and rehearsed in garages, they were always afraid that the neighbours would not call the cops. Ironically, the first concert from the “garage tour” was in the firefighter’s house, where the invitees were mostly his colleagues and police.

Foo Fighters: Popular Hits

When creating the song “Enough Space”, David Grohl wanted to jump. During a tour of the world, he noticed that in the USA the audience is more “muttered”, but in Europe, they want to jump. The musician wanted to create such a composition, during which everyone would jump up and begin to make this simple movement. And he did it!
The leader of Foo Fighters calls his track “A320” one of the best. The paradox is that this song became the soundtrack for the movie “Godzilla”. In an interview, David said he did not know a worse film than this.
And the video for the song “Learn to Fly” won the Grammy Award in 2000.

Also, you probably heard the song:

  1. “Everlong”,
  2. “Best of You”,
  3. “Times like These”,
  4. “Monkey Wrench”,
  5. “My Hero” and many others.

I wonder which of the top songs will sound during the Foo Fighters Kyiv concert?

Foo Fighters: why go to a concert in Kyiv?

  1. Foo Fighters have won over ten Grammy Awards. Within the framework of this award, “There Is Nothing Left to Lose”, “One by One”, “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace” and “Wasting Light” received the Best Rock Album status. In 2012,
  2. Foo Fighters were nominated for six categories at the same prestigious award ceremony. They won five: “Best Rock Song”, “Best Rock Performance”, “Best Hard Rock Performance”, “Best Rock Album”, “Best Music Movie”.
  3. Foo Fighters is a truly legendary band that has worked tirelessly for all 25 years. Without creative pauses, cessations of existence and repeated associations and other things.

They are crazy, as rockers should be. Therefore, the show during performances is full of madness, drive and rock shocking both at the dawn of creation, and today.

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