Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award

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Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award
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Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award

The only professional national music award in Ukraine. The winners are determined by a jury of 150 music experts from the fields of radio, television, press, sound production, management of artists and the organization of musical events.
2. YUNA encourages Ukrainian authors and performers to create a competitive music product and thereby stimulates the development of the music industry in Ukraine.
3. Progressive music award, as it opens up new names in Ukrainian music (The Hardkiss, Onuka, MONATIK, KAZKA, etc.) and awards artists for achievements in new media (Time and Glass, Cepasa, etc.).
March 22 at the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" will be held the annual national music award YUNA! This is a great show with popular Ukrainian stars, young nominees of the award and legends of world music. The red carpet of the award collects the brightest and most successful personalities in show business.

YUNA is the only one that unites the entire domestic music market with no restrictions on directions or styles of music, geography, audiences, and the like. This is prestige and the road to a new life - new opportunities appear before the winners and nominees: from increasing fees to profitable advertising contracts.

Already on March 29, the main musical event of the year will be broadcast by one of the largest national channels, Ukraine 1 + 1, and many Internet resources.

All numbers, despite the telephoto, are performed live.

We are waiting for you at the most grand event of spring YUNA 2019! Remember that music unites hearts.

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