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Фото / Видео

Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz

Full name
Leonard Albert
Date of birth
May 26, 1964
rock, hard rock, funk rock, reggae, soul, folk
Lenny Kravitz
Rock, Hard Rock, Soul, Folk, Reggae,

Lenny Kravitz: the art of combining

In the case of Lenny Kravitz, the adage “rarely, but aptly” just fits. The last time the artist visited our country with a concert a dozen years ago. But this does not diminish the love of Ukrainian fans for his work. Also, the musician himself has Ukrainian roots. His great-grandfather and paternal grandfather lived in Kyiv before the start of World War II. And this fact, you see, cannot but amuse our pride. Just think: the sex symbol of the Millennium frontier, four-time Grammy winner, multi-instrumentalist, producer, owner of an interior design company and famous Lovelace - Lenny Kravitz has a generic relationship with Ukraine!

Very interesting blood flows in the veins of this artist. Mom is a resident of the Bahamas, her father is a Jew. His music is the same: it combines jazz, rock and roll, blues, and rock. Lenny Kravitz never throws back or forgets anything; he combines everything that he loves and as a result, receives the original thing.
If two people are given the same set of products, then one will get the usual vinaigrette, and the other will make this a real work of art. The main thing is talent and proportion. The same musical "culinary" is Lenny Kravitz. He creates, tries, experiments, and then makes the whole world enjoy his works at concerts.

In 2020, a Lenny Kravitz concert will be held in Kyiv. The action will take place at the Sports Palace. And although this site can accommodate more than seven thousand visitors, we recommend you get tickets in advance, as there are much more admirers of the artist’s work.

The musician will visit our capital as part of his European tour called Here to Love. In every city, Lenny Kravitz is preparing an incredible world-class show. Firstly, we know that a singer cannot do everything “in half”. Therefore, if he said so, then it will be so. Secondly, he has reached such professional musical heights that he can afford it. Kravitz Lenny tickets in Kyiv are already available for sale. Moreover, they can be purchased without problems online. Electronic tickets do not need to be printed, it will be enough to show them from the phone at the entrance to the Sports Palace.

Latest Lenny Kravitz album

Who is this Lenny Kravitz? Actor? Designer? Producer? Sure, it's all about him. But despite such a wide range of activities, Lenny Kravitz continues to write music.
In 2018, the artist's eleventh album “Raise Vibration” was released. It is he who will be presented by Lenny Kravitz to the grateful public during his Here to Love tour.

The record includes twelve compositions. Twelve incredible world masterpieces in a special Lenny Kravitz style.
As they say, the problem of all the peaks is that it is followed by a descent. But this is not about Lenny's music. For more than 30 years of his career, his latest album nevertheless competes worthily with the works of other popular world artists. And this means that his music is close to several generations.

If we take the charts of different countries, then Raise Vibration entered the top five best albums of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain. And in France, by the number of officially sold copies, it acquired the status of gold.

Poster Kravitz Kyiv attracts and attracts the eyes of thousands of people. Do not miss your chance to be among the lucky ones who will hear not only the new album of the artist but also his most famous hits.

The songs we all know

From the very beginning of his career as a musician, Lenny Kravitz excited the world with his songs. Therefore, many of the compositions have become immortal hits of all time. Among them were:
Are you gonna go my way
I belong to you

2001-2004 years:
Believe in me
Stillness of heart
Where are We Runnin
Dig in

Come on get it
Dirty white boots
Here to love

Reasons why it's impossible to miss a Lenny Kravitz concert

Hear and see a live performance of the legend of lyrical rock. Moreover, in the entire history of his work, Lenny Kravitz will visit Kyiv and Ukraine with a concert for the second time only. Will this ever happen - who knows?

His style of performance captivates and excites the imagination, and the texts are filled with deep meaning.

Real-world sex symbol. His arms romantically embraced Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Naomi Campbell, Natalie Imbrulho, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and other women with big and famous names.

Here to Love at the Sports Palace - the artist’s thirty-year experience compiled into an incredible show that will win your hearts not only with Lenny Kravitz hits but with visual effects and incredible sound quality.

And simply, Lenny Kravitz is an artist brand who does not need an additional introduction. And to attend his concert is prestigious and admirable.
Get tickets and see you at the grand Lenny Kravitz concert show as part of the Here to Love tour in the Sports Palace, Kyiv!