The Master and Margarita

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The Master and Margarita

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The Master and Margarita

The novel "Master and Margarita" can be treated differently: read the buzz, thinking about the semantic load of individual episodes, but you can just consider it a fantasy.  But, whatever it may be, he still captures the virtuoso of the theater, fans of books and theaters.

 According to the director, to cope with the production of such an extraordinary work, which is "Master and Margarita", it was quite difficult.  In this novel, a series of storylines, plenty of places where events unfold, a large number of characters.

 The result is a show of choice, which one has to do with each of us.  The three main themes of it are inextricably linked with each other by the idea of ​​the need to cultivate feelings and the futility of human efforts aimed at rebuilding the world.

 You look at one breath.  The reciprocal game of light, smoke and music combined with sound effects and well-posed dances truly captures.  Well, the brightest scene, as in the novel itself, will be the ball in Satan.  Moreover, viewers will even be invited to "take part" in the play, declaring that they are invited guests of the devil and his queen.

 There awaits a wonderful actor, whose game every time collects full halls of fans of theatrical art.

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