PALALA SHOW - let the hearts burn!

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PALALA SHOW - let the hearts burn!
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PALALA SHOW - let the hearts burn!

PALALA SHOW - let the hearts burn!

On the 10 and 11 of December 2018 there will be a grand jubilee concert of PALALA SHOW Natalia Valevskaya in October Palace, which will make everyone’s heart burn!

Incredible multimedia show with hologram. Two Valevskis at the same stage!
Star friends of Natalya Buchynska, Tamerlane and Olena Omargaliev, Vlad Sitnik, Aviator group, Intars Busulis (Latvia), Mint and others will take part in the concert.

Her career as a talented singer began 22 years ago, and in the role of professional artist Natalia Valevskaya works more than 15 years. The singer gained popularity all over Ukraine after winning the TV project "Chance" in the distant 2005, the same year in Britain she received the UBN AWARD prize in the nomination "Discovery of the Year". These two events opened the doors for her in the world of show business.

During many years of hard work Natalia has received dozens of awards, among which are "Crystal microphone", the prize and the gold star in the competition of Alla Pugacheva's "Alla is looking for talents", "The Year of the Year", Grand Prix in the international contest of pop singers "The Sea of ​​Friends" and many others. Between prestigious and high-profile awards Valevskaya herself allocates one  which makes her feel proud for her work - the "Love of the Spectator" award. Five studio albums, concerts and performances on the biggest stages of the world, tours, prestigious awards and prizes - over 20 years of creative work, Valevskaya became the favorite of millions of people, and she intends to demonstrate all her skills and talent in the anniversary - PALALA SHOW!
The grandeur of the event is guaranteed by famous directors. Valevskaya’s performances were successfully held in Greece, Holland, Great Britain, Egypt, China, Austria, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Kazakhstan, Belarus.
Modern equipment will provide a powerful and high-quality sound, as at concerts of world stars. Unpublished images and extravagant costumes from designers, visagistes with world recognition.
Light show, unforgettable scenery, bright special effects, absolutely different styles of choreographic productions, huge LED screens and more than 100 talented performers, among which there will be winners of the show of talents not only of Ukraine, but of the world that will unite for the anniversary show, will provide unforgettable impressions for each spectator.
PALALA SHOW will sound from the stage of the October Palace popular hits, as well as unknown, new singer’s compositions. Sound-producers of the show promise to show their favorite songs in a completely new vision, and all guests of the concert are advised to tune in to the dance mood, because the show will sound in an incendiary rhythm!

There will be a television shooting by the leading TV channels of Ukraine.

October Palace