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Poshlaya Molly
Poshlaya Molly
Poshlaya Molly
Poshlaya Molly

Poshlaya Molly

The Poshlaya Molly concert in Kiev: how will everything be?

I want to try everything forbidden, especially in the teenage period, when hormones boil inside you. Especially when there are so many “impossible” around that you want to break.

Modern society requires contemporary artists who are becoming popular not performing in apartments and small restaurants but collecting views and likes on the open spaces of social networks.

Once upon a time in the “eighties”, people dragged themselves away from the obstinate “Eighth-grader” Tsoi. And now she was replaced by The Poshlaya Molly. And not just a song, but a whole collective.

The collective image of the songs of the band Posh  is the very teenage girl who is confident in her attractiveness, capable of crazy things and does a lot of eccentric stupidities.

Cyril Bledny and his team have become popular and successfully tour without investing a penny in their promotion. Their entire audience is exclusively those people who love the work of the group. And there are quite a few of them. Therefore, there is a likelihood that The Poshlaya Molly concert in Kyiv will go out with a soldier.

In his songs, Cyril Tymoshenko, nicknamed Bledny, sings about drugs, alcohol, early sexual relations and other “forbidden” things. Sings, but in no case does not promote, and even vice versa. I just chose such a stage image for myself and goes with it through life. Because it attracts attention, catches and makes you pay attention.

It’s impossible to be neutral with the work of The Poshlaya Molly. He is either adored or condemned. And this means that the performer hits the target. Many concerts in the vast Russian Federation were even accompanied by increased interest from the FSB. But despite this, the popularity of The Poshlaya Molly is only gaining momentum. Therefore, make sure in advance that you have tickets for The Poshlaya Molly in Kyiv so that you do not have to look for them from unofficial sources.

The The Poshlaya Molly Albums

As the leader of the group Cyril Bledny said that he is a man of inspiration and will release songs to the masses only when he is satisfied with them from and to.

Therefore, there aren’t so many albums with The Poshlaya Molly. The first release was released in 2017 and had a rather defiant title: “Eight Ways to Stop Wanking” with the same number of tracks. But, as Cyril Bledny himself has already managed to make sure, everything that is impudent, forbidden and immoral attracts. Therefore, the album was not deprived of attention and enjoyed success among the target audience.

Cyril Bledny hates the cover of the first album and considers it tasteless. But the poster The Poshlaya Molly Kyiv came out very even nothing.

A year later, The Poshlaya Molly album “Grustnaya devochka s glazami kak y sobaki” was released, which included six new tracks. But this collection was already more mature and differed in quality from the first both in the recording of songs and in the lyrics.

In the same year, The Poshlaya Molly released another EP, “Ochen strashnaya Molly 3”.

The year 2020 was marked by another mini-album called “Paycheck”.

It is worth noting that the performer Cyril Bledny began his career as a 19-year-old boy. Along with his growing up, the music grows and develops.

The Poshlaya Molly: Popular Hits

The stylistic tendency of The Poshlaya Molly is synth-punk. But Cyril Bledny there perfectly adds pop, electronic music, rock and rap - just everything that the performer was interested in his childhood. In many interviews, the guy says that in his teens he was a fan of Eminem, Nirvana, Bring Me To Horizon, and of course Mindless Self Indulgence. The creativity of these artists and formed the beginnings of the musical style of The Poshlaya Molly.

The most striking and famous song in the group is the song “Lubimaya pesnya tvoei sestri”. For a long time, the clip-on her was the only video work. The rest of the songs were distributed as recordings from concerts.

A remix of the Reflex song “Non-Stop” is considered to be interesting and popular from the band’s first album. This fact was unexpected since Cyril Bledny took such a step only because initially the group had quite a few of its songs and for their concerts to be complete, they had to redo and re-sing several compositions. Among such compositions were “Maloletniye shalavi” by Aleksin and “Mi Ranetki” of the Ranetki group.

The Poshlaya Molly: why go to a concert in Kyiv?

Creativity The Poshlaya Molly perfectly combines all the components of an unforgettable drive and vivid emotions: sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Just think that a guy from a small town in the Kharkiv region will be able to achieve such success without investing a dime in his promotion, without participating in many shows and without any connections that would help break into the big stage. This is a real phenomenon.

Cyril Bledny and his team can incredibly light their audience and quietly for all participants in the concert turn it into an unstoppable disco. This is also the promise of the concert The Poshlaya Molly Kyiv: a real non-stop of emotions, impressions and positive.