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National Ballet of Georgia "Sukhishvili"
Charge with positive force, give joy! “The Eighth Wonder of the World”, “Storm on the Stage,” is exactly what this incendiary band is called.
100 dancers and 2500 costumes, an amazing orchestra and unique instruments, a unique atmosphere and exceptional Georgian energy.
Their performances are constantly waiting for millions of viewers around the world.
Their dance defies the laws of gravity!
Ballet Concert History
The show of the National Ballet of Georgia has no analogues. For 3 generations, the dynasty led by ballet, passing on to their descendants both national and family traditions and experience, reviving the culture of Georgian dance, which has become a world-famous phenomenon. They influence world fashion, they make films about them and write books.
For many years, Sukhishvili has been gathering full halls, the legendary La Scala and countless other world venues applauded them standing. They admire the technique of their dance and the accuracy of their movements, and the unique scenic images evoke delight.

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