Poster Valery Meladze in Kyiv

Билеты Valeriy Meladze
10 november 19:30 tuesday
Valeriy Meladze
Event ended
Билеты Atlas Weekend Friends Edition
05 july 14:00 monday
Atlas Weekend Friends Edition
Event ended

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Valery Meladze


Buy Valery Meladze concert tickets in Kyiv

If you want to book and buy tickets to Valery Meladze in Kyiv, you can choose the appropriate event on this page. Here you can find information on all events in the capital with the participation of the famous artist. Tickets for the expected solo concert of Valeriy Meladze, which will take place on 10 November 2020 at the Ukraina Palace, are already on sale. Hurry up and book your tickets to get the best seats!

He has entered our lives beautifully

The name Valery Meladze does not require any introduction or explanation - it is difficult to find a person who does not know about the star's creative work. His songs are known by heart for several generations. Even years later, during his performances, Valery gives his all and to get there is a guarantee of a truly incredible aesthetic experience. His charisma and talent have won over millions of hearts, and his upcoming concerts are always a feast for the eyes of millions. 

Meladze comes from a family that has nothing to do with the performing arts. This did not stop him from taking piano lessons at a music school. Graduation marked the start of a career that spanned many years. His first musical auditions were with the "Dialogue" group, where he played with his brother Konstantin. His first album was a real lucky ticket, which opened the road to the Olympus of the national stage.

Meladze's concert activities

During his career, Meladze has performed duets and recorded hits with pop stars from Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. His luggage includes musicals and many soundtracks. The saying "a talented person is talented in everything" is just about Valeri! Ukraine is waiting for Meladze, fans are quickly buying tickets - hurry up to book seats to enjoy the show!

On October, 10th Valeri will visit the capital with his new concert programme "Free Flight". Unique, talented and charismatic - as fans call the singer. Songs filled with romance and true feelings, make the soul tremble. Even one of the albums was called The Last Romantic.

Meladze's inimitable style and exceptional vocals have made him one of the most celebrated performers in the former Soviet Union. He has been active for more than a quarter of a century and his concert career has encompassed thousands of performances. All of Valery's songs are hits, and all of them conquer the authoritative charts.

The author of almost all the lyrics is Valery's brother Konstantin. Such tracks as "Salute, Vera!" and "Beautiful" are also the work of his elder brother. The creative collaboration has borne extraordinary fruit, and the joint songs have won a huge number of awards. Such success and the love of the public have made the tandem a real brand, the quality of which no one doubts anymore - the incredible vocal abilities, the arrangements and the songs, deep in their meaning.

Their repertoire inspires, brings sincere joy to people and touches them deeply. If you have never been to a Valeriy Meladze concert, the performance in Kyiv is a great opportunity to do so!

Valery Meladze 2020 playbill

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